Leo -- Therapy Dog

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In the words of Leo's trainer and handler, Andrea: 


"Leo is trained as a therapy dog. He is a licensed member of Therapy Dogs, International and a Canine Good Citizen. He has an amazingly calm disposition and has been so easy to train. He adores my 20-month-old granddaughter and allows her to walk him in his leash down the street with no help! He recognizes when my husband, who takes a daily dose of chemo, isn’t feeling well and is content to just lay by his side.


Leo is the youngest in his basic obedience class but is ahead of the other dogs. He is often the first to try something because he learns it so quickly and they use him as the example. Leo is just fabulous! He is our fourth golden retriever, but the most amazing so far. He just gets people. You can’t help love on him because he is beautiful and sweet."