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Daisy - Therapy Dog

Daisy's trainer and handler, Sami, is a school counselor. She describes her work with Daisy as a therapy dog:

"Daisy and I passed our therapy dog team test by Pet Partners. We are officially allowed to work as a therapy team in a variety of settings including schools, nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, etc.

Daisy has been such a joy. I've brought her to school on several occasions and the kids love her. She loves them too. She has the ability to bring together students from every background. It's great to see the "popular" and "unpopular" kids as well as the "skater" kids, "theatre" kids, "smart" kids, "lgbtq" kids, all together loving on her and talking to one another about how great she is. She has the ability to overcome all differences and allow a common bond. She doesn't see skin color, clothing or hair, socioeconomic status, disability, or ability. All she sees is human. It's the most beautiful thing. Our students loved the times she was in the building and commented on how it made their day and how it was so nice to be able to pet a dog, if even in passing in the hallway. It relieved their stress and calmed their moods. She's been amazing.

Daisy has a black spot on the end of her tongue. The kids just love it and it offers me the opportunity to talk about how what makes us different makes us beautiful.  Daisy also has the softest fur of any dog I've ever owned. Everyone who touches her is amazed at how soft her coat is. Somehow she's managed to retain that puppy coat softness into adulthood. She also LOVES to hold hands. She will put her paw on anyone and hold hands. She likes her forearms rubbed, and when you stop rubbing them, she will put her paw back on you again in an effort to keep rubbing her. She's so goofy! Her personality is outstanding.

Daisy is super smart and she learns very fast. She just loves people and is super excited to be with them."

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