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Lily - Library Dog

Lily Plum is a retired mother from Summer's Goldens. She has a friendly, calm personality and truly enjoys being with people. She will stay by your side to be petted for as long as you are willing! Lily loves children and is very gentle with them.

Upon retirement, she found her new calling in life as an official Library Dog! She takes her work seriously and loves meeting all kinds of people at the library. Kids sign up to read to her and she does a fantastic job of greeting everyone who enters. She passed her Canine Good Citizenship with flying colors and is a Love on a Leash certified therapy dog.

You can read more about Lily's work in this article: "Lily is a Man's Best Friend."

We are thankful for Lily's legacy at Summer's Goldens and for her continued good work. She is a blessing to everyone she meets!

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