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Riley -- Service Dog

Golden retriever puppies for sale
Golden retriever puppies for sale
Golden retriever puppies for sale

Riley's owner and handler, Reasha, shares her thoughts on her outstanding golden: 

"Training a dog for service work is a major time commitment. Making sure you have the time to train, practice and set your dog up for success is very important. Most service dogs take about two years of consistent training to build the maturity and skill to be a full fledged service dog! Also, every dog has their quirks (leash pulling, barking, jumping). Learning how to manage and train trough bumpy patches is really important.

Riley and I focus on positive reinforcement, as training should be fun and both parties should enjoy the training experience.  We never use choke, pinch or shock collars as I believe this affects our relationship. She is currently training to be my psychiatric service dog to help aid me with anxiety and PTSD. 


Riley has given me so much— her love and devotion to me is far more than I could have asked for. She truly knows when I'm struggling and comes to aid me. I believe the reason why she will make such a good service dog is because she intuitively comes and helps me without me asking her for help. She just knows. She has been right by my side from the very first day. She is a complete gift.

Riley has so many wonderful qualities about her— aside from being my best friend and lifeline, I appreciate how much she loves life. Everything is new and exciting for her. She helps me see the good in times where I struggle. Aside from service work Riley and I spend a lot of time practicing tricks as she will hopefully be my K9 freestyle dog! We hope to be able to perform together!"

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