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New Puppy Checklist

Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale
Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale
Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale
Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale

Getting a new puppy is such an exciting time! We want to make the transition as smooth as possible for you, so please read the following information carefully.


Here is a list of supplies to have ready:

  • Puppy food (see note below)

  • Treats for training (we often use Zuke's Dog Treats because they are small and easily chewed)

  • Food and water dishes

  • Crate (to be replaced by a bigger one as he/she grows, or a crate with an adjustable divider)

  • Puppy house training pads, if necessary

  • Bedding (keep it simple until the puppy is out of his/her teething phase)

  • Dog gate(s) 

  • Soft, adjustable collar (about 8-12" long)

  • Leash (we recommend a 4- or 6-foot leash, not retractable)

  • Variety of puppy-appropriate chew toys (the more the better—toys can be rotated)

  • Soft-bristle brush and sturdy metal comb

  • Gentle puppy shampoo (never use human shampoo on your dog)

  • Quality dog-nail trimmer

  • Collar ID tag

  • Patience 

  • Love (lots of it!)

Puppy Food:

We use Diamond Puppy Food. You will receive a pound of food when you pick up your puppy so that you can transition to whatever food you choose. The most important things to keep in mind are choosing a kind labeled "Puppy Food" so that it has the nutrients your puppy needs to grow well. Also check to see if the first ingredient is meat-based or plant-based. Dogs digest meat-based foods more easily than plant-based. 


We recommend feeding your puppy 3 times per day. This helps the puppy maintain a steady metabolism as he grows rapidly. Smaller, more frequent meals also help with house training, since dogs naturally want to relieve themselves after eating. Once your puppy is about 6 months old, you can cut back to 2 feedings per day. Sometimes a puppy may not eat much the first week because of his new environment. This is normal. Give him time and his appetite will return. 


Vet Appointment:

We recommend scheduling an appointment with your local vet within 1 week after your puppy arrives. We will give you a copy of your puppy's vaccination and deworming schedule to take to your vet. Your vet will be able to tell you which vaccines the puppy needs next and set up a monthly deworming schedule. Different geographic regions sometimes use different vaccines, which is why it’s important to visit your local vet.

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